Julia Groves

Julia has a multidisciplinary practice with a strong research base, and a more recent focus on drawing as a mechanism for exploring her interests in ethnobotany.


Julia engages with plant material accessed both from her local landscape in East Kent and from National Plant Collections and Community projects. Julia is a member of the Bedgebury Pinetum Florilegium Society and Artist Co-operative 'Making Art Work'.


Her work embodies many layered considerations and narratives including environmental, symbolic, historical and spiritual.  

Julia uses 'Goethian Observation' techniques to initially study the plants and is interested in plant structures geometry, colour and pattern.

She is inspired by the historical and contemporary traditions of botanical art and illustration and contemporary drawing practice.


Julia's practice is informed by her many years of experience and work as a horticulturalist.  She uses her knowledge of running the Herb Workshop at the Blackthorn Garden inMaidstone to collect and then process plant materials in different ways.

Julia is inspired by the Japanese Oshibana tradition of making pictures using pressed flowers and other botanical materials.



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