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The Traveller













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The imaginal rose


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'like a prayer'








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The wayfarer










Rosa damascena




Painted for inclusion in the comtemporary Herbal

 'The Pharmacopoeia Londinensis '

for the Royal College of Physicians


The Pharmacopoeia Londinensis was originally published in Latin by the Royal College of Physicians in 1618 and translated into English by Nicholas Culpepper in the middle of the seventeenth century. Now to celebrate its 400th anniversary an illustrated version of the book is to be published later this year. 

I am delighted to be one of a number of contemporary botanical artists asked to contribute to this exciting project.  I have selected to paint the beautiful and intriguing ‘Rosa damascena’ or the damask rose. A strongly scented rose it is famous for its use in perfume with the fresh petals either distilled as rose water or as one of the worlds most expensive essential oils. 









Poppy capsules



















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