I was thrilled to exhibit at the 


RHS Botanical Art & Photography Show 2022
at the
Saatchi Gallery
9th - 29th April 2022
Galleries 1 - 3

Following the success of the 2021 RHS Botanical Art and Photography Show, The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and Saatchi Gallery have partnered for the second time to present the RHS Botanical Art and Photography Show in 2022.

Discover the best botanical artwork and garden photography by global artists, all competing for an RHS Medal.





'Seeds Of Hope'




'Seeds of Hope'



Seeds are the focus of my RHS project, with their incredibly sophisticated, intricate, often astonishing structures which indicate their different dispersal mechanisms.


But more importantly these seeds are very special as they all come from ‘The Seed Co-operative’,

who together with a network of growers, develop and sell organic, open-pollinated seeds, and are striving to support those making agroecological farming, food security and sovereignty a reality. 


I hope that my paintings will help highlight their work and of how vital seeds and seed diversity are for the future.





Archival quality prints of the paintings are still available

using 100% cotton, acid free, museum quality paper.



At a cost of £115.00 for each print with P&P of £15.00.




For more information please email me on info@juliagroves.co.uk














A little more detail about my project



These paintings both reflect and are informed by my background as a horticulturalist working for over twenty years in Community Gardens and City Farms. I am trained in and employ organic and biodynamic growing methods, and am passionate about sustainable growing practices that work with nature, growing food that nourishes the health of both people and the environment.


Compositionally I wanted the seeds to be the main focus of the paintings,I used various magnifications to achieve this, employing a stereo microscope, digital calipers and jewellers loops in order to achieve a rigorous level of accuracy and detail.  These seeds are incredibly sophisticated, with beautiful, intricate often astonishing structures.  Their strange forms are often indicators of their dispersal mechanisms.  I hope that, in revealing the beauty of these tiny miracles, my work may engender a more reverent respect for them. These seeds are messages from our ancestors and how we look after them now will affect the generations that follow us.

The seeds in my paintings are very special as they all come from ‘The Seed Co-operative’, who together with a network of growers, grow, process and sell organic, open-pollinated seed for the UK and beyond.  

I wanted, through these paintings, to highlight the vital work of the Seed Co-operative, as they develop new varieties through organic plant breeding, and support the collective work of those striving towards making agro-ecological farmingfood security and seed sovereignty a reality.

I chose my seeds during a visit and guided tour of the Seed Co-op at Gosberton Bank Nursery, growing them on in my own garden in order to observe the plants as they grew and to provide me with fresh specimens to work from.

The Seed Co-operative exists to shine a spotlight on the vital, but all-too-often forgotten, role of the humble seed in building a resilient food system. They believe passionately in breeding open pollinated seeds that everyone can grow, everyone can save for the next year, and everyone can afford. They want us to know where our seed comes from; who grew it and where, and even who bred each variety.

Seeds, and seed diversity are vital for our future, I hope my paintings will highlight how together we can sow the seeds of hope.

There has been many twists and turns during this project and I would like to thank all the people who have helped and supported me. 

Thank you all so much




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