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Sculpture and Oshibana pieces











dried salvia in poppy seed capsule














Art around Town


Art and culture played a key role in Bury St Edmunds post pandemic summer 2021 recovery programme. 

In their latest project, Art Around Town gave over 500 local artists a 10-inch pizza box and invited them to ‘think outside the box’ and transform it in their own style to demonstrate what they think makes the town tick.

The artworks were displayed in the windows of shops and public buildings in the town centre from 1 July until 30 September 2021. 

The artists were invited to create artworks inspired by the characters, landmarks and best kept secrets that give Bury St Edmunds its unique feel. 



The beautiful Guildhall Gardens and the ‘Moments’ Exhibition at Moyses Hall, specifically Banksy’s work  ‘Girl with Balloon’ were the inspiration for the following ‘Pizza boxes’.






























The following Pizza boxes were made using Barley and Spelt grains, referencing Bury’s brewing heritage and the agriculture surrounding the town.



























Poppy capsule and rose bud piece rom the exhibtion 'where the wild things grow'

The Guildhall

Bury St Edmunds
















'a captivating tale'


dried spent dandelion flowers in glass petri dish







'a captivating tale'






salvia landscape


dried sage leaves on paper




'the wolf and the butterfly'


dried hop bracts on glass










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